The Best Online Slot Machine Strategy
Published: December 23, 2019
The Best Online Slot Machine StrategyDo you know any magical tips to win at slots? Are there any hidden secrets useful to help you win?

Well, browsing the internet looking for the best strategies to win at slot machines, you may have found thousands of articles and reviews. 

Most of them suggest some tips to enhance your chances of winning from the best slots to play successfully.

In this article, you will find the top ten strategies that will help you play slots successfully along with some advice on the best game names.

You will find out that each one of these strategies mentioned is based on the same principle.

Choose the casino carefully

When choosing your online casino, don’t be in a hurry. You may regret it. Just do some research first. Compare the different offers and read some online reviews about that casino.

To be reliable, an online website should get some gaming licences. Be sure your casino owns all the most important gaming certificates.  

Set your bankroll

It may sound insignificant to you at first but it is not. Having a clear idea about your budget limits is fundamental.

Before playing, you should know the amount of money you can spend at each spin. This helps you play successfully.

How? By knowing your budget, you can make the most of it. If you have strict limits, avoid jackpot machines or overly complicated slots.

Decide to prefer easy slots with only a few reels and a few pay lines.

Choose a game suitable for your budget. Check at each game minimum bet requirements before choosing it. This leads us to our third advice.  

Choose the right slots game for you

A game that works for somebody else may not work for you. You could find yourself spending hours and hours on a machine a friend of yours has suggested to you.

If this happens, change slot. With slot machines, there are no rules suitable for everybody. You may find out you are super cool at another slot with different characteristics.

Check at each game pay tables. Get to know the main features and bonus icons before starting. Know your game before playing it.

Look at the RTP of the best slots

Once you find the game suitable to you, look at its RTP. The Return to the player is the percentage of times that game is expected to reward its players compared to the number of times players bet on it.

Choose slots with higher RTP% if you want to win.

Test, test, test

Test before buying. With the demo versions of online slots, you can do it. Playing at the free version of a slot helps you develop a winning strategy before you spend any real money on it.

Also, you may try different games before choosing the one you want to bet real money on. Then, make the most of the demos!

Use casino bonuses

Another important criterion to choose your online casino is to check at their bonus offers and the wagering policy.

Online casino offers are becoming every day more competitive. Some of them give big incentives to new subscribers like no-deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses.

Check at each casino offers and the ways to withdraw these offers. They vary from a website to another.

If you are new to slot games and want to learn your ropes a little bit, choose a casino that sticks with no-deposit bonuses. These offers will allow you to play for free or to get some extra spin.  

Bet maximum only when you can afford it

Once you have clear budget limits and you have chosen your game, you need to decide how much to bet on it. If you have chosen a complex game with many reels and pay lines, you should consider betting the maximum amount allowed.

You can get many free rounds or special features only by betting the maximum. If you feel you don’t have the right budget to do it, just leave those slot machines and focus instead on very simple games.

Bet minimum to play longer

In line with the previous advice, choose a game with low bet requirements and low volatility (machines that pay you less but more often) if you have a limited budget.

Join slot tournaments when you are an expert

Slot tournaments are exciting competitions with other players where you can win great prizes. You just need to sign in and pay a ticket to join these events (sometimes, they are free).

To win, you need to be faster than your competitors so to classify for the next round. They are super entertaining.

Remember that you need to develop some expertise before joining these kinds of events.

Know when to stop

The game is nice when it does not last long or better when you know when to stop it. This last rule brings back to our second point: set a budget and try to stick with it.

Once you have spent all your budget, stop playing. This will help you save a lot of money and effort.

A few slot machine games to play at

Here you are some suggestions for you. If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with easy slot machines.

Try Burning Cherry, Cherry 7, Extra Juicy, 5 Starts, Bell of Fortune or the epic Starburst. With a few pay lines and reels, you just need to familiarise a little bit with these machines features and you are ready to start.

Then, what is the best slot machine strategy when playing at online casinos?

No strategy suits all with slots. Of course, the ten strategies we have indicated in this article can be summarised under a big concept.

Even if easy to play and extremely simple, you can’t expect to win at slots if you don’t find your personal strategy first.

Coming from experience, the professional tips above mentioned will help you find your method. Just read them every time you start playing.

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