The best tips from relationship experts; how to improve your profile in an online dating service

Published: March 13, 2024
The best tips from relationship experts; how to improve your profile in an online dating service

Nowadays, as more people are looking for their soulmate on the Internet, it is also important to take note of how well their profile is filled out in the dating service. Currently, some people underestimate the importance of their profile online, believing that its role is overrated and that what is important is the work of various “smart” algorithms that are so actively advertised by popular dating platforms.

However, a recent survey showed that serious users began to receive more responses after finalizing their profile on their own or by turning to an expert, friends, or a psychologist. Perhaps, this is the best proof that your profile is very important!

Today, we will talk about how to make your profile on a website or dating app attractive and informative, and share some expert advice on this matter.

  1.   Define your goals and expectations and indicate them in the profile

Before creating your profile, it is important to determine what you are looking for in a relationship and what kind of partner you want to find. This will help you frame your description in a way that reflects your personality, interests, values, and preferences. Also, it will help you choose suitable photos that show your lifestyle, style, and character.
For example, if you are looking for a person who will share a love of adventure, extreme sports, or travel with you, then your profile needs to reflect all these; show relevant photos and talk about your hobbies and dreams. If you are looking for a partner with a good sense of humor, find a way to make it known in your profile; add funny or witty phrases, and choose photos in which you smile or laugh.

      2.  Be honest and positive and show it

One of the most important principles for creating a successful dating profile is honesty. Don't try to embellish your biography or hide your disadvantages. This can lead to disappointment or conflict when you meet the person in real life. Be yourself and don't be afraid to show your uniqueness. At the same time, don't focus on your problems or negative emotions. Try to create a positive impression of yourself and highlight your own strengths and advantages. For example, if you're worried about your age or weight, don't mention it in your profile. However, don’t try to hide or deny it completely, so as not to contradict the previous paragraph. Focus on the fact that you are an interesting, active, and cheerful person who has many hobbies and talents (be sure about this).

     3. Transfer your communication to video chat

If you want to increase your chances of success in online dating, don't limit yourself to just text messages. Use video chats to communicate with potential partners to know them better and show off your personality. Video chats allow you to hear and see the person you are talking to. This helps to evaluate their appearance, facial expressions, gestures, voice, and manner of communication. This also makes it possible to create a closer and more trusting contact than when exchanging messages or photos.

Video chats also save you time and energy, as you can quickly determine how interested you are in a person and whether you are suitable for each other. There are a variety of online video chat services that you can use to meet new people.

Here are just some of the popular video chats:

  • — a functional video chat with an error-free gender filter and a built-in message translator. In addition, has excellent moderation.
  • Chat Alternative — a video chat with gender and geographic filters, as well as a simple and minimalistic interface.
  • Chatspin — a video chat with a gender filter and A/I masks that hide your face; it's for anonymity.

The choice is very large. We have named a few of the popular online video chats where you can try to communicate with new people in a convenient format and get to know them faster.

    4.    Avoid platitudes and cliches in the profile

Another piece of advice from relationship experts is to avoid platitudes and cliches. Don't write generic and boring phrases that say nothing about you or your ideal partner. For example, don't write “I love life and want to find my soulmate” or “I am looking for an honest, kind, and loyal person.” This will not attract the attention of those who are looking for a unique and interesting partner. Try to be more specific and original in your descriptions. Share your goals, dreams, passions, experiences, or accomplishments.

Use examples, jokes, or quotes that reflect your personality or philosophy of life. Also, avoid cheesy photos that don't show off your personality or charisma. Don't upload photos from social networks of you with friends or a photo of you drinking alcohol. Choose photos where you are alone, well-lit, and looking confident, natural, and attractive.

    5.   Stay active and initiative

Remember that the profile alone, even if it is filled out perfectly, does not guarantee you a successful dating. If you are serious about meeting your soulmate online, take the initiative. Don’t wait for people to notice you and write to you, but look for people who are interesting to you and start communicating with them. Avoid banal and hackneyed phrases. They are not interesting and can be ignored. It’s better to write something original and personal to show that you carefully studied the interlocutor’s profile and found something in common or noticed some interesting detail.

Ask about the other person's hobbies, compliment their photo, share your own opinion on some topic or issue raised in that user's profile, and tell them something funny or unusual. It is important to be polite, friendly, and modest. Also, if you feel that a person is not in the mood for dating, it is better to move on so as not to spoil their mood or yours. This is the standard practice for online dating.

Most importantly, if you notice that your profile is not working, you need to change something radically

There are times when you may think that your profile on a dating app or site is great, but you are not getting any responses. In this case, it is possible that everything is not as smooth as you think. A good solution in this situation would be to contact someone who knows you well and whom you trust so that they can look at your profile and tell you what needs to be corrected. This person doesn't need to have personal experience in online dating. Sometimes, you only need a fresh look from the outside to see obvious mistakes and shortcomings that should be corrected.

We wish you good luck in finding your love and hope that these tips will be useful to you in practice!

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