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Published: September 20, 2018
Basketball Games LiveThe National Basketball Association is ready to start a new season, which means we can expect hundreds of exciting confrontations, the fate of many of them will be decided in the last seconds.

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Even the preseason games have shown that we can expect tense struggles at every game.

This comes as no surprise, because during the season the best teams will have more than a hundred confrontations, and it's very difficult to go through such a marathon without form decline and injuries.

That's why we can confidently say that even the weakest teams will have their moments.

This becomes even more real, given the fact that during the draft they have considerably strengthened their positions and are now ready to fight at least to get to the playoffs.

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Season Full of Intrigues

The upcoming season holds intrigues literally at every line of the standings.

Naturally, it is mainly its upper part, where several teams at once will fight for the title.

Particularly interesting confrontation is expected in the Western Conference, where the Golden State will naturally remain the favorite, but now it will have more competitors.

Among its main rivals we can name the following teams:

•        Houston Rockets;
•        Los Angeles Lakers;
•        Portland Trail Blazers.

Such an intense fight already at the stage of the regular championship is an extra proving that the season will be extremely difficult and really rich in news.

At the same time, the professionals will have a lot of opportunities to demonstrate their skills.

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