Who will get out of group H in the qualification for the European Championship 2024: preview

Published: April 07, 2023
 Who will get out of group H in the qualification for the European Championship 2024: preview

In Group H, six teams are fighting for the right to reach the final of the European Championship 2024: Denmark, Slovenia, Finland, Northern Ireland, Kazakhstan and San Marino. The tournament started in March 2023 and will end in a year. At the end of the last round, the two teams with the most points will advance. If you want to place bets on the qualification matches for the European Championship 2024, we advise you to do it on mostbet bd.



"Danish Dynamite" confidently started in the selection beating Finland at home with a score of 3:1. Hat-trick for the Danes in that battle was marked by Rasmus Hoylund. Then the wards of Kasper Yulmann went to Astana, where they sensationally lost to Kazakhstan. After the first half, the "scarlet guard" was leading by two goals and it seemed that the outcome of the match was a foregone conclusion. However, the Kazakhs showed character and, starting from the 73rd minute, scored three times.


Denmark has a good selection of players and a misfire in Astana is more an accident than a pattern. So in further confrontations, the “Danish dynamite” should start to improve and fight for victory in the sextet.




The "guys" started exemplary in the group and finished the spring segment on the first line, ahead of four teams by three points at once. After a strong-willed away victory over the Kazakhs, the Slovenes took home San Marino and won with a score of 2:0. The goal for Slovenia was then scored by Benjamin Seshko and Roberto Di Maio scored an own goal. The result is not too confident, but the main thing for Matyazh Kek's wards is that they managed to score the maximum credit points.


Having successfully started the tournament, Jan Oblak and partners improved their chances of advancing further. However, the Slovenes have a lot of difficult confrontations ahead and it will not be easy to get a ticket to the next stage.




"Owls" in the first round lost in Copenhagen to the Danes - 1:3. At the same time, until the 87th minute, the score was equal, which means that Suomi imposed a fight and looked pretty good. After a guest failure, the Finns again went away, this time to Belfast and minimally defeated Northern Ireland. It was possible thanks to a single accurate shot by Benjamin Kallman in the 28th minute of the match. After three rounds, Markku Kanerva's guys are in fourth place, having an equal number of points with three other teams.


The Finns don't have any special stars in their roster, but the Owls' team play is at a good level. It will be difficult to get a ticket to the final part of the Euro-2024 "Suomi", but so far it is real.


Northern Ireland


The "Green-White Army" began its journey with an away "dry" victory over San Marino. Michael O'Neill's team managed to win thanks to a double of Dion Charles. Then the "Northern Irish iron" took Finland in their native walls and conceded minimally. The game was equal and Northern Ireland was frankly unlucky.


Craig Cetcart and partners can create problems for any opponents, but it is unlikely that the Northern Irish Iron will be able to properly score points. So it is hardly worth counting seriously on the fact that the "green-white army" will wedge into the struggle for the deuce.




"Hawks" in the first round imposed a fight against Slovenia in their native walls, but still lost. Then, again on its own field, Kazakhstan took over Denmark and produced a sensation. After the first half, the guys of Magomed Adiev lost with a two-goal difference, after a double from Rasmus Hoylund. In the second half of the game, the Kazakhs came out excited and scored three times, thanks to accurate shots by Bakhtiyor Zainutdinov, Askhat Tagybergen and Abat Aimbetov.


The “hawks” are able to tune in to individual battles, but the Kazakhs are unlikely to be able to win often. Kazakhstan can try to take a place in the middle of the sextet table, but it will be difficult for Askhat Tagybergen and partners to rise above.


San Marino


"Serenissima" expectedly started in the selection with defeats. At the same time, in the confrontations with Northern Ireland and Slovenia, the wards of Fabrizio Constantini were not defeated and lost with the same score 0:2. So such a stubborn game can already be considered a step forward.


No one expects a miracle from San Marino, and it certainly will not happen. So the “white-blues” will make every effort to get at least one credit point, and the last place is practically destined for them.


Our forecast


San Marino no longer has any 99.9% chance of going further. Finland, Northern Ireland and Kazakhstan will try to surprise, but are unlikely to be in the top two. Slovenia had a great start and if the "guys" continue in the same spirit, they will finish second in the state. Denmark, most likely, will add and based on the composition of the "scarlet guard" the team will be able to catch up and win the group.


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