Research on the impact of gambling on the football industry

Published: February 19, 2024
Research on the impact of gambling on the football industry

Football and casino markets go hand in hand, considering their venturesome nature. Many bookies and gambling websites that provide slots, Plinko game variations, live tables, and e-disciplines sponsor UK sports teams. Let’s explore the reasons for this promising connection, see why it is profitable, and check out famous clubs funded by licensed gambling operators.


What is Gambling?


It’s sought-after entertainment that entails wagering money on an event with an uncertain outcome. For instance, casino fans place stakes with the expectation of seeing a combination of identical symbols on the reels. Bettors try to predict the results of football competitions or guess individual athletes’ achievements.


Gambling UK originates from ancient times. Archaeological findings show that dice-like games were widespread in Mesopotamia in 3,000 BC. As for Ancient Greeks and Romans, they preferred entertainment similar to modern poker. 


First offline casinos started to open in the 17th century in Italy and, a little later, in other European regions. IL RIDOTTO, located in Venice, was a pioneer in the gambling sphere.


Online casinos began to appear with the advent of modern computer technologies. The Microgaming developer introduced its own platform for network gambling in 1994. Since then, new online casinos and bookmakers have emerged, attracting millions of people, particularly football enthusiasts.


How Casinos Enter the Soccer Market


Any sports fan who watches football matches frequently notices that casinos and bookies fund some of the prominent clubs. This phenomenon first emerged in the early 20th century, when Casino di Venezia, the Italian gambling establishment, became sponsoring football teams.


I found out that Golden Nugget, the Las Vegas casino, was another pioneer in the described area. This venue started signing agreements with football clubs in the 1970s. Golden Nugget also supported the National Football League in the USA.


Nowadays, the partnership between online casino UK companies is gaining momentum considering the proliferation of new gambling sites and bookies. This interaction between sports teams and gaming operators is mutually profitable:

  •  A financial aspect takes the primary position. Athletes and organisers get extra funds to develop and promote their clubs, increase revenue, and hold more competitions. 
  •  Both casinos and football teams get the chance to encompass a bigger target audience. Sports clubs put sponsors’ logos on equipment and stadiums. Athletes also appear in advertisements and promote bookies and casinos to attract more players. People who place stakes on gambling platforms can note the footballer on an ad banner and become their fans.
  •  I want to emphasise that such sponsorship usually plays into the hands of gamblers and bettors. Deals between football clubs and casinos can result in emerging exclusive promotions, for instance, tournaments and prize drops. Football stars frequently act as experts at bookmakers, providing customers with score predictions and comprehensive tips.

The advent of sports-themed slots and crash games is one extra advantage of the relationship between football teams and casinos. Gamblers can feel an adrenaline rush and thrill dispensing with visiting the stadium. 


Interaction between Football Clubs and Casinos


Casino sponsorship of football teams is an ordinary phenomenon in our 21st century. I’ve collected a list of UK sports clubs that obtain funding from various bookmakers and casino operators: 

  •  Everton. This club is supported by Stake.Com, the casino licensed by the Gambling Commission. The brand is featured on playing shirts and appears on the team’s digital platforms.
  •  Manchester City. The 8Xbet bookie, also regulated by the Gambling Commission, is one of the sponsors of this club. The LeoVegas casino and bookmaker also announced their partnership with the team, resulting in the creation of exclusive co-branded content. 
  •  West Ham United. The Betway bookmaker, approved by local authorities, is the principal sponsor for the team. I found out that this partnership led to the creation of some fan initiatives. For instance, West Ham Supermarket Sweep and Betway Fan Taxi were developed. 
  •  Chelsea. The club was sponsored by Parimatch one time. Also, English soccer giants could become the Stake’s ambassador, but the agreement was not finally signed. 

I believe that cooperation between soccer stars and casino/bookmaker platforms will gather pace in the future and lead to the prosperity of both. I recommend sports fans pay attention to football-themed entertainment to experience the thrills and win huge prizes if luck is on their side.

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