Beginner's guide to football betting and the aviator game

Published: July 02, 2024
Beginner's guide to football betting and the aviator game

This is a complete guide to betting on football and playing Aviator bet by Spribe. This covers everything you need to know about the mechanics of football betting and the unique features of Aviator. However, to get started, here are some key things you should consider:

  • Football betting entails guessing the results of matches from various competitions.
  • There are different kinds of betting markets and odds formats, such as pre-match and in-play wagering.
  • Launched in 2019 by Spribe, The Aviator is an exhilarating crash game that emphasizes timing.
  • Understanding odds is key to calculating potential returns, both for football bets and Aviator games.
  • Dynamic and exciting experiences can be obtained through these live-betting options.

How Football Betting Works

Football betting refers to placing wagers on specific football matches from such tournaments as the English Premier League or the FIFA World Cup. Sportsbooks have different markets and odds, which make it possible for you to go for the best alternatives for your bets. Fixed odds or spread clients can place pre-match or live stake options.

Understanding Betting Markets

Betting markets provide you with options you can predict. Popular markets are Match Results, Total Goals, or Correct Score. Every market has its odds, showing the chances of different eventualities.

Pre-Match Betting vs. Live Betting

Pre-match betting is where wagers are placed before a game commences, while live betting is during a match. The fluctuating game’s dynamic, odd nature in live betting makes it an exciting way to participate in the event.

Football Odds Explained

They indicate the probability of an occurrence and enable you to calculate your win amount. Decimal, American, and Fractional are some of the different types of odds used by various countries. Pick sportsbooks that have competitive odds if you want to make more money from winning bets.

Types of Odds Formats

Different parts of the world use varying systems when quoting odds. In Europe, decimal notations prevail, while the United States employs the American system for indicating probabilities. Knowledge about these systems will help in gambling responsibly for potential wins

Calculating Winnings

Your stake multiplied by the odds gives you possible winnings. For instance, if a person bets $10 at 2.5 odds, he will receive $25 as his prize when he wins that bet. Familiarize yourself with different odd formats to compute well.

Introducing the Aviator Game by Spribe

Spribe launched the Aviator game in 2019, which is one of the most popular crash games around, where players must place a bet before an airplane flies across their screen. All you have to do is press ‘Cash Out’ before the plane takes off. The game itself is known for its simplicity and has an RTP, or Return to Player rate, of 97%.

How Aviator Works 

In Aviator, you put down your stake and watch an airplane fly across the screen. The aim here is to cash out before this aircraft leaves by multiplying your stake with a coefficient displayed upon cashing out. If you don’t manage to cash out in time, then you lose this bet.

Aviator’s Key Features

Aviator comes with several offerings including:

  • In-game chat for player communication
  • Demo mode for practice
  • Best history for tracking performance
  • Auto-play and auto-cash-out options for convenience
  • How to Choose Platforms for Playing Aviator and Football Betting
  • Look for Licensed and Secure Sites

Choosing the Best Platforms for Aviator and Football Betting

Selecting the right platform is crucial for an enjoyable betting experience. Here are some tips:

Look for Licensed and Secure Sites

Ensure the platform is licensed and protected using recent data encryption methods. Proof of licenses from trustworthy regulators like the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.

Consider Banking Options

Choose a site that supports common payment methods in your area, such as VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. It should be easy for you to deposit and withdraw money at any time.

Evaluate Game Selection and Features

When it comes to football wagers, look for sites with multiple betting markets covering major tournaments. Make sure the site includes demo modes, in-game chat, and other key features when talking about Aviator.

Check Customer Support

Choose platforms with customer support that operate 24/7 in your preferred language. Good customer service is always important for resolving issues that may arise.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

You can check on user reviews and testimonials available online to estimate the reputation of a platform. Positive feedback given by other users would be a good indication of a credible site.

How to Bet in the Aviator Game

The Aviator game by Spribe is simple, and this guide will help you:

Placing Bets

A plane flies from left to right across the screen. The large numbers at the center represent multipliers. Determine how much you want to bet by clicking on “bet” and then choose your stake size. After placing a bet, click the «cash out»  button before the plane leaves the screen. If successful, your bet is multiplied by the current multiplier.

Using Auto Play and Auto Cash Out

To make it more convenient for you, the Aviator game has features that allow you to limit the rounds, stop betting automatically when your bankroll changes and enable auto cash out.

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