Afcon 2013: Are The Matches Rigged?

Published: January 21, 2013
Afcon 2013: Are The Matches Rigged?Are AFCON 2013 matches rigged and draws per-arranged as soccer fans write in chat forums? Zambia - Ethiopia 1-1(1-0), Ethiopia scored despite a red card. Nigeria - Burkino Faso 1-0 at half-time but will probable end 1-1 before full-time.

Teams play after one point each even live in front of TV-cameras. Why do teams play after a draw or one point and not play after a win which is three points?

There must be a reason for all teams to play after one point and not win, are the matches rigged? South Africa - Cape Verde Islands 0-0, Angola - Morocco 0-0, Ghana - Congo DR 2-2, Okay a soccer match can end in a draw BUT out of six games in the tournament, five have ended in draws.

If matches are rigged and arranged as rumors suggest in chat forums, AFCON 2013 will lose the fans and support if this is true.

Federations involved in this tournament should verify these claims to protect the tournament. Teams should not play matches if they know matches will end in draws.

It is shameful for South Africa as hosts of the tournament if bookmakers with money are rigging matches to end in draws as rumors say they do. None to trust out there, are soccer federations involved in this?

-From a contributor
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