Tanzania Coach Post-Match : Every Word On Failing To Protect Lead, Golden Eaglets Injured Player, Game Management
Published: April 15, 2019
Tanzania Coach Post-Match : Every Word On Failing To Protect Lead, Golden Eaglets Injured Player, Game Management
The first game of the U17 Africa Cup of Nations was a record breaking one as five-time world champions Nigeria outscored Tanzania 5-4 in a nine-goal thriller.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Tanzania coach Oscar Milambo has blamed his team's loss on the inconsistency of his inexperienced players.

Here's every word he told the media after the game at the National Stadium, Dar es Salaam :

Coach, 3-1 down, you managed to come back, three goals in five minutes, 4-3. What went wrong afterwards?

Actually, first thing we are dealing with these youngsters, they are not the senior players, so the consistency is always a challenge.

When you have a lead, of course I believe you'll concentrate even more but we were not in that same particular attitude and that's why we had to concede two more goals and at the end of the day we lost the game.

At the end there was an incident where a Nigerian player was down and they played on and then when you got the ball and attacking the referee stopped it, do you think they could have actually continued and has that made a difference in your eyes?

What's the name of the game? The name of the game is fair play, right. The boy was down and injured, you cannot ask for more.

If at all he's injured, it means that we should first concentrate and see the safety of our boys rather than thinking on how we are going to win the game.

Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation question in Swahili ( Not Translated)

Obviously not, when you lead and in the second half you are just telling your players to manage the game.

But it is unfortunate that was not the case, it's not that the team was tired or they did not have energy. The energy was there, what we told them it was a time they have to manage the game and of course wait for the right moment to attack.

We are playing the winner of the World Cup. The other day I said here there's no experience in this category for the players. The only experience remains to the FA and the technical staff.

Now we are playing against a team that have experience and that being the case, they know what to do more than we trying to establish ourselves. So that's the only thing I can say and for the Nigerians.

Ifeanyi Emmanuel

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