Nurseries For Nigeria Soccer: A Guide
Published: November 11, 2019
Nurseries For Nigeria Soccer: A GuideThe young Golden Eaglets team of Nigeria, playing for U-17 World Cup, undergo a different selection process, unlike other countries which take soccer seriously.

This difference in the selection process affects the players and their performances.

While looking at the performance of Nigerian young Golden Eaglets team in the World Cup until now, it is clear that they are making extraordinary progress.

However, they do not have consistency or a definite strategy to win the game opposing big teams.

It’s what many Betway punters who are looking to bet Super Eagles soccer bets are looking at for sure.

So, how is the focus on nurturing talent in Nigeria? The selection process and coaching style intend the player to rely upon his physical strength throughout the game.

It is clear from the game that the coach Manu of the Golden Eaglets team approves the strategy of playing high balls among the players.

The players have problems in passing the ball and show incoherency when doing them. However, the strength and capacity of the team yield the victories for the Nigerian soccer team.

How do other countries select players?

Betway punters may have some questions regarding the selection process of football teams around the world.

Countries that have a craze for soccer do not follow the archaic selection method.

Instead, their players are from the reputable foundations whose motive is to find, select and place the talented players in a recognizable spot.

These foundations find kids all around the country to unleash their talent and let them play in such a prestigious ground.

It is not surprising to hear when commentators speak about some boys, who are from reputable European clubs.

These clubs select underage kids, who have interest over soccer and train them.

They also let them roll into the curriculum, and so they can have a career apart from sports.

These players from different clubs will have competitions inside the country.

The players, who perform best during these competitions, play in the World Cup. The nationals of these countries know all about their players because of this selection process.

Nigerian Soccer Selection Process

The Golden Eaglets team of Nigeria do not have a definite selection process.

It is a pity that the players selected are random and from the camps. These selections happen very quickly, instead of being in an organized fashion.

The kids selected for training undergo coaching for the competition.

The coaches who train them to show them off to the hinterlands do not shine well.

The coaches of the youth team in other countries with special academies learn how to train young people.

They also get an exposure on how to handle the kids until they become adults.

The Federation in Nigeria to change this narrative took steps to introduce programmes related to soccer with the help of corporates.

However, the Nigerian team requires more changes with their selection process, as other teams display cohesion in the game due to their amazing programmes and academies.

Igho Kingsley

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