The Growth of Women’s Football on the World Stage

Published: November 23, 2021
The Growth of Women’s Football on the World Stage
While men’s football continues to thrive and push forward, with huge interest from around the world, things are much slower for the women’s game.

The good news is that we are seeing movement forward, but the game does still need to grow on the world stage, reaching more places, and increasing its popularity.

This is up to the people in charge of the sport to make that happen, and they have a number of potential options ahead of them.

One of these options is to try and focus on the betting industry and try to get people watching games because they are betting on them.

Many football leagues have gained attention through betting, with people tuning in to the games via live streams and TV coverage, simply because they have made a wager.

Getting bookmakers on board would be a key step, and this is needed all over the world. Established brands, such as those listed on How To Bet, which is a website listing the best sportsbooks in the USA is certainly a start.

If these brands, like BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and FanDuel can offer odds, live betting, and possibly even live streaming, this will certainly attract attention to the game.

Will that be enough, or will other ideas be needed to really take the women’s game forward? Putting it in a position where it is at least known in every country where the men’s game is, is still a good jumping-off point.

Showcasing the Biggest Events

If the women’s game wants to thrive then the biggest events need to be showcased. This means building up to the next event, the 2023 World Cup ,which will be played in Australia and New Zealand.

Of course, these two countries should see a big uptake on the number of people watching women’s football by simply hosting, but elsewhere in the world also needs to be a consideration.

To help that happen, regional tournaments need to grow. These give more chances of hosting in more countries, better kick-off times, and more regular competition for people to watch.

If a World Cup comes around every four years, most will have forgotten about 2019 by the time we get to 2023, even if they sat and watched it in full.

Europe has a regional tournament, which will take place next year as England host Euro 2022.

There is also a version of the African Nations for women, a competition that has been won by Nigeria 11 times of the 13 it has taken place, including the last time it was played in 2018.

After the 2020 event was canceled, the next will take place in 2022, and be hosted by Morocco.

It is these events, in Africa and Europe, as well as others around the world, that can bridge the gap between the different World Cups that are scheduled every four years.

Get these right, and get them promoted to the right people, and the women’s game should grow further.

Giving people more reasons to watch, and generally pushing hard in the right direction, will create a buzz and a following around the world.

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