Who will win the German Basketball League BBL 2022/2023: Preview

Published: April 10, 2023
Who will win the German Basketball League BBL 2022/2023: Preview

The regular season of the German elite basketball championship is coming to an end and will end in the first half of May 2023. After the teams have played 34 games each, the strongest eight will form quarter-final pairs. It is in the knockout battles that the stubborn struggle for the championship title will begin.


The top three contenders for victory in the German Basketball Bundesliga are Alba, Bayern Munich and Telekom Bonn. Having analyzed each of these teams in detail, you can more accurately understand who has more chances to win gold medals. If you want to bet on these competitions, then we recommend downloading Mostbet skachat.




The wards of Israel Gonzalez looked powerful in the regular championship and after 26 rounds led the standings. At the same time, the team from Berlin was ahead of the second Telekom Bonn only in terms of additional indicators. Having won 24 victories, the Albatrosses suffered only two defeats. It should also be noted that in the semi-finals of the German Cup, Alba flew out from Bayern Munich, and performed disgustingly in the Euroleague and could not get into the playoffs. So now the Blue-Yellows can fully focus on the BBL league and trying to get the 12th championship in the history of the club.


The Albatrosses have an excellent selection of players by the standards of the German basketball championship. The American legionnaires of Alba, although they did not play in the NBA, look quite confident in terms of play. In general, the “blue-yellows” are absolutely deservedly one of the main contenders for winning gold medals.




The guys of Andrea Trinchieri did not differ in stability in the regular season and after 26 games played, they were in the tournament on the third line. Eight points behind the second Telecom Bonn and Alba from Berlin, the Munich team was just as ahead of the fourth Oldenburg. Having lost in 6 matches, Bayern won 20 victories. In addition, the Red-Whites had one of the strongest defenses in the tournament, conceding an average of 75 points per game. Although it did not allow losing to the “Bavarians” less often.


The last time a team from Munich became the champion of the German Basketball Bundesliga was in 2019. Since then, the brainchild of Karl Hopfner has not become more confident in terms of play and it will be difficult to get a set of gold medals in the current season of Bayern.


Telecom Bonn


Tuomas Iisalo's guys are the main discovery of the current season in the German Basketball Bundesliga. By the 26th round, Telecom Bonn is on the second line in the standings. Yielding to the first Alba in additional indicators, the team was ahead of the third Bavaria by eight credit points. Having suffered only two defeats, the "pink-white-black" won 24 victories. At the same time, the brainchild of Wolfgang Widlich was defeated on the road by Ludwigsburg and the "albatrosses" from Berlin. In addition, Leon Kratzer and company had the best defense in the championship.


In terms of play, the Pink-White-Blacks look almost exemplary and the team will definitely make it to the playoffs. Allowing an average of 73.5 points per game, Telekom Bonn scored almost 90. Of course, it will not be easy for Wolfgang Widlich's brainchild to get the first champion title in the club's history, but given the form of the club, there are chances for this.


Our forecast


Bayern have a strong squad and the team can add more in the knockout battles. So it’s not worth writing off the Munich team because of failures in the regular championship. Although, if the “red-whites” reach the final, then it will be extremely difficult to defeat the Berlin “albatrosses”.


Telecom Bonn went well in the regular season, but in the playoffs it will be more difficult for the "pink-white-black" and the maximum for Tuomas Iisalo's guys will most likely be the semi-finals. Alba is in good shape and has strong basketball players. So the “blue-yellows” are very likely to become champions.

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