Esports betting on 1win

Published: January 16, 2024
Esports betting on 1win

Nowadays, the esports betting activities are starting to get an advantage over the classic sports and activities in terms of the betting. There are a lot of esports betting fans that really enjoy the online games and betting on them is just another source of the income for them. There are a lot of events that are being included into the betting portfolio of the 1win platform. Moreover, this platform provides a specific effort in order to attract the gamers all over the world to the platform and make it the best platform for the esports betting opportunities.
The total amount of the esports matches and events that are included into the betting portfolio daily exceeds 500. The main features of the esports betting are the following:


  • Esports are very interesting to watch and dynamic. You will have a good time watching the live shows at 1win casino platform. Moreover, if we are speaking about the live streaming of the esports matches at the platform, the odds are changing dramatically, when one team is starting to take an advantage over the other one. This is the chance for the experienced gamers to place a decent bet with good odds;
  • Betting on esports matches and events is very easy, if you have a decent level of expertise in this field. The total number of the matches will allow players to build the experience really fast and be proficient better in this field;
  • Sometimes, the pods on the matches can be really good for the players. 1win platform decreases the amount of the margins that are put into the odds, just to give an opportunity to the players to have a good winnings.

These are the main advantages of betting on esports. This betting route may make you rich in just a few simple bets


1win platform overview


Currently there are many betting platforms that provide a full list of the services towards the clients of the company. There are different types of betting companies on the market, some of them are very trustworthy and loyal to the customers, and some are not. The 1win review of the platform has proven itself a really trustworthy company which has a specific strive to deliver the best possible betting solution to its players. The quality of the services is on the next level as well as the security measures of the platform. The main advantages of the 1win platform over its competitors are the following:

  • The 1win platform always strives to provide the best solutions for the players in the region. Moreover, the quality of the betting platform is just at the next level if compared to the local competitors. 1win nigeria betting line in the field of esports betting consists of a large number of different activities. There are matches included from the different leagues of all continents, so the better would be able to find any desired event in the betting line of the 1win platform;
  • The security measures protect the players at any time. A great firewall does not allow someone to hack the platform and steal the money of the players. The customers' money and personal information are fully safe. Moreover, innovative servers provide a permanent connection with players, which prevents any disruptions and disconnections during the betting process;
  • The live matches observation system is created in accordance with the latest software development trends. This allows players to even observe several matches in the live regime simultaneously. This feature is called multi live betting. And the odds of these matches are all the way dynamic.

These are the main advantages of the 1win platform over the competitors. It should be really mentioned that 1win platform is a fully legal service provider which has gained its name and reputation for flawless service provision. Just do a 1win login and experience this on your own.


1win most popular betting activities


There are a lot of different cyber disciplines included into the betting portfolio of the company. The games that are widely recognised have a specific attention of the players to them. It comes out that the most popular betting activities in the field of the cyber sports are the following:

  • Dota2 is a classic game that was released in 2012 and still attracts a lot of players daily. The game is very dynamic and interesting. At the time, it is really complicated and competitive game. It takes a lot of hours to master this game and get a decent amount of the experience. Due to all of that, Dota2 is one of the most popular games for betting activities;
  • League of legend is another game on our list, this game is very similar to Dota2, but those games share different regions in terms of the player distribution. League of legends has a decent amount of fans and players that are involved in the betting activities and share a good level of the competition;
  • Counter strike 2 - is the most popular game in our list. Almost everyone had a chance to play the counter strike. The game is very dynamic and requires a decent amount of concentration and attention from the players. The betting community from the counter strike game really enjoys live betting sessions, this is due to the fact that things may change really fast in the CS matches;
  • PUBG is a battle royals shooting game. Players need to eliminate each other till the last one remains standing. The competitive events are so much fun to watch and bet on. There are a lot of global events in this game which attract a lot of attention.

These were the most popular cyber sports for betting. They are the core of the esports betting activities. The number of the events of the listed games which are included into the betting line of the 1win app is really huge. Any player will find its favorite player or team in the betting possibilities list.

Esports betting options on the 1win platform


There are a lot of different betting types all over the world. All of them are presented at the 1win platform. Different betting options and modes allow players to have a slight difference in the process and in the outcome. The most popular bet types for the esports betting are the following:

  • Regular pre match bet - this is the most common bet type in cyber sports. Players bet an amount of money at the fixed rate before the match. The prize pool is distributed to the players after the results of the match. Players win an amount of money that is equal to the initial bet amount multiplied by the fixed odds;
  • Live bet - live bet is very similar to the regular pre match bet, but during the live match observation, the odds may change dramatically, depending on the current situation in the game. The odds may reach significant values while one team is losing. Experienced players risk to bet on the high odds believing in a comeback. This strategy may provide significant winnings to the better;
  • Accumulator bet - this is the most interesting and profitable bet type, but as well the most risky one. Players are allowed to include several different events in one bet. The odds will multiply one on another, providing a really huge odds at the end. In order to win the accumulator bet, players need all bets to win;
  • Anti accumulator bet - is just an opposite to an accumulator. Players need to include several events into one list. The more the odds the higher the winnings. The anti accumulator will win only if at least one of the bets is lost.

These are the most popular bet types that are presented at the 1win bet platform. Do not miss your chance, register your account now and receive a chance of great winnings.


Frequently asked questions


In this section, we will answer the most popular questions of




Is it safe to play at 1win?

Yes, the 1win platform is a fully legal service provider, therefore, it is absolutely safe to play on this platform.

Are players under 18 years old allowed to play at the 1win platform?

Only players over 18 years are allowed to join and play at the 1win platform.

Is there any way to predict esports?

Actually, if you have a decent amount of experience in the field of esports, you would be capable of predicting the outcome of the event on your own.


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