Ex-Football League Teams That Are Now In UK Non-League
Published: March 04, 2020
Ex-Football League Teams That Are Now In UK Non-LeagueIf you are a fan of sports betting, you probably have some favorite teams that you follow, watch every weekend, or bet on or against.

You also probably know there have been a lot of football teams with their ups and downs.

In short, many football clubs have been relegated to other leagues because of financial issues, player injuries, and many other reasons.

Today, we are listing the ex-football league teams from the UK which were popular and successful but are now playing in the lower leagues.

1.Oldham Athletic

Sports betting enthusiasts of platforms such as sbobet know that Oldham Athletic was one of the founding members of the Premier League—the most popular and prestigious football league in the United Kingdom.

However, it has been even 18 years since the club were at their top level. Ever since 1997, the club has been unable to enter the top tier of English football, and right now, they stand at 19th place in League Two.

2. Blackpool

The 2010/11 season was the debut season for Blackpool FC and the time when the team shined, entering the Premier League.

Led by Ian Holloway, the team then played well and despite a couple of big defeats, managed to keep up with many opponents.

At the end of the campaign, nine players were released and Blackpool finished in the nineteenth position and were relegated back to the Championship by one point and three goals.

All of these teams have surprised many players who are active in the sports betting industry with their consecutive losses and inability to remain in the top tier leagues.

However, nothing is impossible in the future and these are all some of the most reputable clubs in the UK’s non-league football.

3.Bolton Wanderers

Based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, the Wanderers are a professional club that competes in the third tier of English football.

However, Bolton was once among the top clubs in the Premier League.

Sports betting fans will remember them being qualified for the prestigious UEFA Cup twice, reaching the last 32 in 2005/06 and the last 16 in the 2007/08 seasons.

The club had been in financial difficulties and went into administration in May 2019. After that, the club was later acquired by new owners.


This club spent seven consecutive seasons in the Premier League and have been the champions of England in the past (1949 and 1950).

This club also played in the 2008/09 UEFA Cup which was a result of winning the 2008 FA Cup Final.

During this period, the club had some top talent and good players including Glen Johnson, Jermain Defoe, Peter Crouch, David James, and Sol Campbell.

If you were into sports betting back then, you probably know that the odds for Portsmouth were low and the matches against big teams were a pleasure to watch.

All of these teams have different stories as to why they are not in England’s top-tier football league anymore.

However, they will be remembered for their great results and perhaps motivated to reach the highs again in the next few years.

Igho Kingsley