Indebtedness in the NPFL: LMC's silence is deafening

Published: March 10, 2021
Indebtedness in the NPFL: LMC's silence is deafeningI will try my best not to get emotional with words, though when you read that breadwinners are working without getting paid or that grown men sweat it out week in week out on the football pitch, and all of a sudden they get laid off by their club despite having legitimate contracts, it feels like the end of the world, it's just like someone who works at a government establishment getting to work on a Monday morning to his/her sack letter when it should take a process, that's if it should even happen.

I have praised the League management company in most articles I have written, as a matter of fact, there is no way one would not give kudos to the league governing body, despite working with no financial backing from any corporate body, the body is still driving the 2021 season which has started well.

However, I find it very difficult to understand why there will be complaints on LMC's table as regards indebtedness to players and the LMC will keep mute, it's really sad and inexplicable.

Yes, we now have games on Television and on the mobile application which makes it easy for everyone to see games in the comfort of their homes irrespective of their base, with the little success, it will be a blow for people to read about the same league that the response of the governing body to a germane issue like indebtedness or unlawful termination of contract is not encouraging.

Another domestic registration window is set to open on FIFA TMS platform in the Nigeria Professional Football League, it's not out of place to envisage that more contracts will be terminated unlawfully by some clubs to pave way for new additions. The pending cases are still on the LMC'S table and nothing has been done.

It's pertinent to give all parties a sense of belonging, the LMC should act and show the concerned players that their welfare is a priority as stated in the rulebook.

The LMC framework frowns at indebtedness, it's an ill wind that blows the League no good, it's high time the League governing body started taking decisions and resolutions that will further promote the image of the country's elite football division.

It's a plea to the League Management Company, kindly take note of all complaints about unlawful termination of contracts and overdue payables, some submitted as far back as September 2020 even before the kick off of the current season, it will further strengthen the relationship between all stakeholders and obviously assist in giving the league a positive image.

Meanwhile, I have seen some beautiful goals in the League this season, we love those clips and we won't get tired, this is our League, we love to watch and be proud of our own.

Bayo Adegboyega

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