The growth of interest in betting in Nigeria, 5 main reasons
Published: March 30, 2021
The growth of interest in betting in Nigeria, 5 main reasons
The reports from last year show that the pandemic state couldn't stop the rise of the gambling craze in Nigeria.

Just imagine the numbers: sixty million citizens between 18 and 39 are making bets, which is more, than 1/3 of the country population.

Total bets every day come up to $4,9 million, which comes to almost $2 billion a year. For a Nigeria with a budget barely getting to $27 billion, this is a huge number.

What makes these young people try their luck and make bets? Experts from tried to figure it out.

New companies betting sites

For beginners and experienced players, newly opened sites usually offer a fresh experience in gambling.

Some have an option to watch games live, which helps to analyze and make bets live and with confidence in your win. Some offer different bonuses, odds and registration rewards, which adds to player excitement.

Different bonuses

Most of the time, bookmaker choose to add up to your deposit as a welcome/registration bonus. It might go from 50 to 100% of your initial bank.

This is how the offer becomes quite tempting even for those, who never tried sports betting or the category of the players, who only tried gambling in a casino and wasn't really interested in sports before.

Better odds

Different bookmakers - different odds. Most players understand this pretty fast and the drive of adrenaline makes them checking various companies sites for the best offers.

It's hard to imagine a sports fan who never tried betting and the young Nigerians are very passionate about sports.

So every bookmaker tries to fight for the attention of its clients using various methods, including the presentation of better odds, than their competitor, for them.

Expansion of the Internet and Mobile networks

Thanks to the improvement of affordability of internet access, more than half of the population of Nigeria currently has access to the internet.

It's roughly 122 million citizens, according to the Nigerian Communication Commission. 4 years ago the numbers for mobile phone users in Nigeria was huge too: 84% of people.

Let's be honest: much easier to place a bet on the internet, which costs you less than $1.

Convenient payment options

With the arrival of affordable internet came easy payment options. In a few clicks from you on the computer, and also in your pocket, always where you are.

With bets, you can have a nice time watching your favourite sport, analyzing it and, as a result, even making a profit from it.

New technologies made the whole process even faster and more comfortable for much more people.

Ifeanyi Emmanuel
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