How to Bet on Soccer: Everything You Need to Know for Win
Published: November 16, 2021
How to Bet on Soccer: Everything You Need to Know for Win
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Soccer is by far the most popular sport around the world and the one that is most closely connected to the sports betting industry.

In fact, sports clubs are predominantly sponsored by gambling companies, and lots of players act as brand ambassadors for gambling operators. 

This is because a lot of soccer fans actually wager on soccer matches and those who don’t eventually give it a shot.

In other words, this is their target audience and a lot of money is invested in advertising these services.

So, if you are considering the idea to place some bets on the upcoming matches in the World Cup stick around. Here we will go over a few things you should know about football betting.

Finding the Right Operator or Online Casino

Before you can place any wagers you need to find your bookie or an online operator. There are lots of options out there, and you have probably seen some of these brands on players’ jerseys while watching your favorite games.

However, there are lots of those who simply want to mimic the brand or logo in order to scam you for your funds so be careful.

Just make sure the operator is licensed and that is regulated, and you can check other user reviews to see if they are legit.

Alternatively, you can find an online casino site that also has sports betting options available. You basically get to do the same thing here, but you will also be able to play other games.

Moreover, you can find offers that give 25 free spins on registration without deposit, and play some slots for free.

Who knows, you might end up winning something, and at least you get to enjoy some quality games during the half-time break.

Understanding the Odds

Once you have an account that you can use to place bets you will see a lot of options or different odds on specific outcomes.

You can bet on who will win, how many goals will be scored, who is going to score first etc.  Each of these bets has a specific value attached to them that will serve as a multiplier for your initial wager.

Basically, the less likely something is to occur the greater the reward. It’s important to note that depending on the country these odds can be displayed differently.

However, it really doesn’t change the basic principle of how they function.  

Furthermore, you can add multiple bets together and all of their odds will add up and multiply to create higher winnings. Typically, people select multiple matches that look like a certain bet and play them together to multiply those odds.

How Reliable are These Odds

On the surface, the odds you get look legitimate, as the team that is favored to win will always provide a smaller reward.

However, these numbers are calculated by the algorithm that takes into consideration the historic data which is available at the time.

Meaning it’s not too accurate even when the odds look overwhelming. The algorithm doesn’t take into account the advantage the team might have due to a home turf, which in some instances can be huge.

Of course, for the World Cup, everyone will be playing in Qatar, but it’s important to know how these odds are calculated and to which extent they can be trusted.  

Stick to What You Know

Finally, if you are a big fan who closely follows different competitions then stick to what you know.

Place bets on leagues and matches where you have personal insight because that can be way more reliable than odds.

If you only follow the games played by your favorite team and don’t know what they are up against, then do your own research.

As mentioned, it makes sense to consider the odds, but if you have a good hunch on how things will go down, ignore them completely, and go with your gut.


As you can see it all comes down to understanding what the numbers on the screen mean, and knowing how reliable they are.

If you are looking to play some random matches then odds are going to be great for you to get a general impression of how things stand.

If you are closely following multiple teams and personally know which one is currently better, then go with your own expertise.

The important thing to remember is to have fun and not to spend recklessly. This is only to test your power of speculation and to make the match more exciting.  

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